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About Me

Belief Coding®

Let this be the forefront of your healing journey as transforming your belief systems will profoundly change your life. Using elements of Psychology, NLP, CBT, EFT, Meditation, Matrix Re-imprinting, Emotion Coding, Kinesiology, and energy healing, Belief Coding® works with the subconscious to overcome, resolve and diffuse trapped trauma and emotions.

Mind Navigation

The capabilities of a new and powerful modality such as this are impressive. Mind Navigation can help individuals to gain deeper insight into genetic, historic, and ancestral beliefs, aiding them to find freedom and inner peace.


Focused thoughts to access spiritual healing as spiritual philosophy connects the mind, body, and spirit to divine energy.

dōTERRA® Essential Oils

Reap the full benefits that nature has to offer with essential oils that support, empower, and revive you. doTERRA® oils are CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade™ and are totally safe for use within your home.

About Me

Hi, my name is Rachael, and I am a fully accredited facilitator in Belief Coding® & Mind Navigation as well as practicing Reiki and Theta Healing®. Combining these transformational healing modalities allow me to share and bring a deep, calming, and spiritual connection to each healing session. Holding space for clients whilst gently guiding them through their journey so that they may heal themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally is a gift that I will always be thankful for.
I have experienced phenomenal success with many adult and teenage clients over the last 12 months, in the following areas: Health & Exercise, Confidence & Self-Worth, Relationships, Goals & Motivation, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Improving Mental Clarity & Fatigue, Money Blocks, Reducing Pain & Stress, Child Abuse, Mental Abuse, Menopause, and so much more.
I feel very honoured to be able to support and guide others so that they may find their peace and harmony within.

Mind Navigation

Mind Navigation is a powerful modality that can clear anywhere between 40 - 120 negative beliefs over 3 - 4 sessions by accessing and reprogramming your subconscious mind. Getting to the root cause of our limitations, traumas, beliefs, phobias & self-sabotaging addictions whilst healing them along the way increases our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Release, surrender, and trust in the process as your mind will only ever give you what you are ready to heal.
Suitable for children and adults.
Total Price £567

Belief Coding®

Belief Coding® uses elements of Psychology, NLP, CBT, EFT, Meditation, Matrix Re-imprinting, Emotion Coding, Kinesiology, and energy healing. It works with the subconscious to overcome, resolve and diffuse trapped trauma.
Have a look at these Belief Coding® testimonials from previous clients to see how incredibly diverse and powerful this process can be.

Belief Coding®

Belief Coding® uses elements of Psychology, NLP, CBT, EFT, Meditation, Matrix Re-imprinting, Emotion Coding, Kinesiology, and energy healing.
It works with the subconscious to overcome, resolve and diffuse trapped trauma.
Have a look at these Belief Coding® testimonials from previous clients to see how incredibly diverse and powerful this process can be.

Free Discovery Call - Approx. 30 mins
Introductory call whereby we can chat about any discomforts you have and would like to work on so that I may understand your needs in more detail. On completion of this, we can both determine whether or not we are a good fit to work together energetically. If we choose to move forward, I will then inform you which session/service would be most beneficial for clearing patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you.

Belief Coding®

Belief Coding® uses elements of Psychology, NLP, CBT, EFT, Meditation, Matrix Re-imprinting, Emotion Coding, Kinesiology, and energy healing. It works with the subconscious to overcome, resolve and diffuse trapped trauma.
Have a look at these Belief Coding® testimonials from previous clients to see how incredibly diverse and powerful this process can be.

Belief Coding® Session - Approx. 2 - 3 hrs
Belief Coding® is a pioneering modality that accesses and reprograms your subconscious beliefs. Our belief systems create our character and the foundations of who we are, including our limitations, traumas, phobias, addictions, and poor mental well-being. Belief Coding® gets to the root cause of the way we are and enables new beliefs to be coded into the subconscious mind, instantly healing and allowing you to live your life in the present. Make today the first day of your new beginning and book a session. It will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself!
Suitable for children and adults.
Session Price: £123

Belief Coding®

Belief Coding® uses elements of Psychology, NLP, CBT, EFT, Meditation, Matrix Re-imprinting, Emotion Coding, Kinesiology, and energy healing. It works with the subconscious to overcome, resolve and diffuse trapped trauma.
Have a look at these Belief Coding® testimonials from previous clients to see how incredibly diverse and powerful this process can be.

Belief Coding® Block of 3 - Each Session Approx. 2 - 3 hrs
Belief Coding® accesses and reprograms your subconscious beliefs, creating a new beginning and allowing you to live in the present. By working together over 3 consecutive sessions, this modality can profoundly shift your life and negative energy within your body, mind, and soul leaving you feeling lighter.
Suitable for children and adults.
Block Price: £345


ThetaHealing® 90 minute Session
Delving deep, whilst in a Theta brain wave state, can reprogram our minds to clear limiting beliefs and think positively. This brings out the best in ourselves and allows us to live our most enlightened, successful lives.
Price: £90


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy". So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy."A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Many have reported miraculous results.Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.




Coming Soon!

Mind Navigation



I thank my lucky stars that I had the good fortune to come across Rachael and we have been working together for a year. My first experience was back in June 2022, when I had the most amazing Belief Coding® session working on a money block that was holding me back and not allowing me to invest in myself. This was a profound session for me and had instant results. Following the session, I immediately bought a new laptop, which I desperately needed, invested in my training, and have not looked back! Rachael is a truly gifted Belief Coder and has the advantage of bringing a genuine element of energetic healing to the way she works.
Since then, I have chosen to work with Rachael through a deeper Mind Navigation™ healing modality, which is an advanced form of Belief Coding® and Rachael brought in elements of ThetaHealing™ which have accelerated her abilities as a facilitator to another level. What she does is truly unique, and she has her own magical style. Rachael has a very grounded sense of perception and a strong sense of intuition which takes healing to another level. During our sessions, I felt completely safe and was empowered to be able to work through more deeply rooted issues, many of which were ancestral and had been passed down for generations. The shifts that I have experienced permeate my everyday life and this is without a doubt a result of the knowledge, experience, and skill of Rachael. Of greatest value are the changes that I see in my daughter as the healing passes forwards through the generations and it gives me great satisfaction to know that through helping myself, I am able to help her. I thank Rachael from the bottom of my being for helping me and I will continue to work with her as we peel back the layers.
(March 2023)

Elaine G

I am loving my Belief Coding and Mind Navigation sessions with Rachael. I had a stroke last Summer and have been trying everything I can to get my health back to what it was before, if not better, to be honest. I have a lot of emotional baggage to work through and feel that every session is beneficial for one thing or another. I have weekly sessions with Rachael and actually look forward to them. She is super flexible and very intuitive in helping me to work out what I need to work on during each session, which is helpful as my brain works very slowly some days.
Rachael also brings in spiritual healing during our sessions, with a generational curse being removed from our family line. I find it all very interesting and helpful to say the least. My negative beliefs are being removed and I love testing my new beliefs as positivity is the way forward for me now. I still have a long way to go but I would highly recommend sessions with this lovely lady.
(March 2023)


Before my session with Rachael, I didn’t feel confident on social media. I felt there was a block holding me back when I was trying to speak my truth. I wanted to be more active on social media, but the thought of it would make me feel anxious and panicky inside.
During the session we discovered that I actually didn’t feel safe to be seen and heard for who I am - that was an eye-opener for me. This explained a lot of how I felt being in a group of people, I felt safer staying quiet, not sharing my opinions, which made me feel even more isolated and not belonging.
I loved the whole Mind Navigation process as we peeled layer by layer and got to the core problem. Rachael is great at asking the right questions and guiding you to trust yourself and the memories that come up. I can say it was an interesting process as I didn’t expect certain things to be connected.
My favourite part of the process was meeting my Guides and even going into 3 past lives to resolve the negative beliefs I was carrying about myself.
I think Mind Navigation is the new way of creating the life that we want. As we become conscious of the patterns and get rid of what no longer serves us. I would recommend it to everyone who has blocks and feel that something is holding them back from reaching their goals. Nothing works as quick as Mind Navigation does!
After the session, I felt a big shift that I could not describe. It took maybe a week for me to start noticing how I do things differently: expressing myself freely, asking for what I need, talking to people and not feeling anxious, standing up for myself, my relationship with my mum became 1000% better, I don’t feel resistance to do social media and express my point of view. I found clarity regarding my work, I feel at ease charging my worth, I always attract beautiful clients who are ready to work with me and my intuition is so much stronger than before. Rachael is so good at making you feel safe navigating it all, her comments and intuition are 100% on point. Anyone would be very lucky to work with her! Thank you again for this transformation ♥ (February 2023)

Mrs B

I would just like to say a ‘GREAT BIG THANK YOU’ to Rachael, for helping me to work through 94 negative beliefs about myself (Yes - 94 😮), and for healing my bloated stomach, which made me feel self-conscious every day. I had three sessions within the mind navigation process with Rachael; booking was quick and easy. Every online session I was made to feel empowered so that I could deal with my childhood traumas and by the end of each session; I always felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.After the final session, I really started to notice an improvement in my self-esteem, as I began to feel like ‘I had the right to exist in a world, that I no longer thought I belonged in’. And furthermore, I feel very confident about being in my own skin, thankful I exist and for my body and health.If any of this resonates with you and sounds familiar. I would suggest that you reach out to Rachael and go through the mind navigation process, so you can feel as good as I do now😊 (January 2023)


Amiee N

Before my session, I was quite skeptical about whether it would make a difference to me. I lived in a constant state of fight or flight. I was constantly anxious, overthinking all of my words and actions. Rachael was amazing! We worked through blocks I didn’t even know were there and situations I thought I had forgotten about but clearly hadn’t. The new codes completely align with me and have been so helpful. They’ve been tested to the max recently and have meant that I’ve been able to accept a situation and move on from something that would have eaten away at me for months. I can’t recommend Rachael enough! (February 2023)

Nicola K

As a mindset coach myself it can be hard to find my next level of effective mindset work- Rachael is amazing! The first session of Belief Coding was literally life changing - I booked another 5 sessions so excited for this.
Definitely recommend (November 2022)

Kristina N

⭐I am so grateful to have met Rachael and for the session I had with her.🙏🏻 She has provided such wonderful support since starting my Belief Coding journey. The way she holds space during our sessions and how she is so attuned as to when to guide and give you personal space whilst working with your reflection and memories is great ⭐ She made me feel so safe and supported. Our sessions gave me the perfect start on the journey to working on my negative beliefs and trapped emotions and I will for sure come back for more sessions with Rachael. 🥰You are an amazing facilitator and human being Rachael and I thank you from my heart for everything 🙏🏻💞⭐ (October 2022)

Nickie H

I had a belief coding session with Rachael and I cannot commend her professionalism highly enough. Her expertise in this modality was clearly evident. She puts you at your ease and was very empathetic and supremely patient. Very grateful and appreciative of the healing session. Thank you Rachael (October 2022)

Mina A

When I started the session on belief coding with Rachael I was really down about my exercise routine, and was constantly at a battle to go to the gym, my body felt heavy and tired at the name of the gym!
I wanted to be one of those women who sprung into the gym and sprung with even more energy when she got out. One belief coding session and we made it happen! The old belief was that gyms are hard work and I get tired and get out of breathe. We converted my dislike into fun and ease and I remember sending this exact image a day after we had our session along with a chirpy voice note! The first thing Rachael said overnight I started to look 20 years younger hey come on a compliment we are all fishing for lol.
Rachael was so professional when working with me she explained clearly how the session will go and encouraged me to get to the root feelings of why I felt tired when it came to the gym. She didn’t rush me she was super encouraging when we inserted new powerful beliefs and the whole experience was 5*.
I felt like I had a gym coach really supporting me but for my beliefs she even spent extra time talking about nutrition. She even checked in a few days later and even a few weeks later. Loved our session Rachael you are fabulous thanks so much! (August 2022)


I feel so incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Rachael. She is a vibrant and compassionate soul who held the most beautiful, safe space for me to work through and heal from my discomforts around writing a novel series.
Rachael radiates such a beautiful energy. I was provided all the time I needed to work through the process, with her incredible patience and guidance. She is extremely talented and intuitive. A one-of-a-kind and one of the many reasons I was drawn to her for a session.
Since our session, I am more confident and goal-oriented, moving forward in writing my novel series, and even have an unexpected, yet welcoming, goal of turning my novel series into movies on the big screen!
If you are seriously ready to begin your healing journey and heal discomforts, I highly recommend you reach out to Rachael! Be prepared for an experience of a lifetime! Jenny (August 2022)

Derniere M

I have had 2 sessions with Rachael Arnold and I can't offer enough gratitude for her ability to get to the bottom of my beliefs which have held me back forever. You held the space so confidently and gently while doors opened in past & current lifetimes so that I could not only feel but see myself and where & why I was stuck with the beliefs of unworthiness, persecution & loss. The theme always centered around a separation from my family, especially my Mum and searching for her throughout lifetimes. I feel more alive & confident my new, best life is in front of me. You motivated me to charge my worth and the belief that it's not too late to have a life of my dreams. I was genuinely fortunate that you found me and needed one more person to facilitate (July 2022)


This is to acknowledge the amazing healing I experienced with Rachael . I find it difficult to recall as the trauma I experienced nearly 40 years ago has been worked on at a deep deep level and been released ! I have tried many therapies over the years but the compassion , safety, care and understanding I experienced and felt in this session is difficult to put into words, but I’ve done my best . Belief Coding works and as a facilitator Rachael adds her own unique flare . Thanku 💫💕💫 (July 2022)

Dawn W

I was drawn towards trying Belief Coding® as I am a very spiritual individual and was ready to try a different kind of healing therapy and new techniques. I wasn't really aware of how I was going to feel but was happy to give it a try and see what happened. Rachael explained the session on my arrival and had given me some things to read and digest before the session. My focus was to concentrate on trapped emotion and to grow my body confidence, water consumption and to give myself the ability to believe in myself again and to be confident in wearing bright vibrant colours instead of living in black clothing , which I have done for many years. I was held in a safe non-judgemental space with Rachael and was made to feel at ease. The experience in the session was quite extraordinary in the fact that I could release emotion and open up parts of me that had no come out before. I left the session feeling uplifted and haven't looked back. I have worn a colour every day since my experience of belief coding, and I have lost 5lb in weight and have felt a total re energised feeling of body confidence and loving the person I am . Thank you, Rachael, and to Belief Coding® 🙏 (June 2022)

Emma C

I had a Belief Coding® session with Rachael around money mindset. Rachael was amazing, she has such a beautiful energy. She held such a safe space for me to work with my reflection which was from a past life and gently guided both myself and my past life through the memory that needed to be healed with such compassion. Since the session I can feel the shift, where there used to be panic about what was next, there is now a calmness and ease, knowing and trusting that anything spent will return (June 2022)

Catherine D

My Belief Coding® session !! Thank you Rachael for my session last week, I found you very warm and caring and easy to talk to, you put me at ease straight away.💕 After a week, I have felt so much better, no negative thoughts, much lighter and so much energy. WOW!!!! I felt stuck and couldn’t move forward until now. Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you 🌸 (June 2022)

Lara M

I have been blessed to have experienced a facilitation with the lovely Rachael Arnold. I wanted to work on the discomfort I feel around not putting myself first. Right from the onset Rachael was there to guide and support me so beautifully the whole way. It’s so amazing that I could feel so connected and comfortable with this radiant soul beaming her joy at me from my computer screen from the other side of the world. As it turned out, my trapped emotion went back to in the womb and clearly it seemed much safer in there than coming out. I should have warned Rachael before we started that I was of Italian heritage, but I really didn’t have to as she amazingly kept up with the large number of my relatives that needed our help! She held the most amazing space for me, as I do get quite emotional, but I felt completely safe to go on this journey of discovery and healing with her and would again in a heartbeat. Funnily enough – the next morning I consciously did not think I would have time to do my journaling or anything before work, but my subconscious was making sure I was up nice and early, like 5.30am. and then even more incredibly, my dad walked in before I went to work and told me two stories about my grandparents that I had never heard before. Both stories really fitted in with my understanding from my facilitation. Mind blown! Heart full! I am very grateful for Rachael and her intuitive nature to know where and how to help, and I am so grateful that we created a bond that is beautiful, aligned and strong (June 2022)


Rachael Arnold facilitated me last week and managed to create huge shifts in a belief which was centred around a deep rooted money block. This block was holding me back from investing in myself and meant that I believed spending money on myself and the things I needed to progress in personal and career development was a waste. Well not any more! Following our session, I was immediately able to buy the laptop which I desperately needed and I didn’t even think about it! My whole attitude has shifted and I can honestly say that I felt the shift immediately. Rachael held the space for me with patience and care as she guided me through the process of working through two past life reflections. It was very obvious to me that she has a natural ability to understand when and how to prompt and guide and when to pull back and let there be space and quiet. I would highly recommend Rachael as she has a fabulous energy which makes the whole process of healing trauma feel like such a natural process. I just know that she is going to do fabulous work with Belief Coding®️ and look forward to working with her in the future. She is an absolute shining star! ⭐ (June 2022)

Abi N

I came to Rachael with a very sensitive issue, she was professional and gave me reassurance. Rachael helped me to shape my wishes into the right goals and language for the belief coding. The session had many ups and downs, I was crying and laughing at different points. Rachael guided me through. After the session, I felt amazing like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Rachael showed me how to code in my new beliefs for the next 5 days.
I have had different counselling and life coaching sessions but I would consider this one of my best experiences.
Rachael seems to have a knack, even a gift for this especially considering she has not been doing it that long. I truly advocate that anyone that puts themself in her care for belief coding is in the best of hands and is certain of the best experience and outcomes (June 2022)


I had a session with Rachael afew weeks ago …Rachael is very relaxed & professional.We overcame lots of boundaries & issues I had, which I didn’t realise were holding me back…..we got to the root of the problem & I thoroughly enjoyed the experience too. Thank you Rachael for your help & guidance 🥰🙏🥰 (June 2022)

Fiona H

I came to Rachael in preparation for an exam at uni. I was feeling so overwhelmed with all the studying but also massively procrastinating at the same time. Just not knowing where to begin with it all, and it was really starting to get me down.
The session with Rachael was incredible! I feel so safe talking to her about anything. She is so kind and compassionate and can really get to the root of it all. Although the session is delving into past traumas, there was lots of laughter which really puts me at ease. I felt such a release during the session, emotionally and physically. After the session I was able to easily make a clear plan of what I needed to do, revising felt fun and I went on to pass my exam! Thank you so much Rachael (June 2022)


I had an amazing session with Rachael around fatigue in my legs. I had a trip to Glasgow booked for my husband's birthday and I was unsure if I'd be able to go as I hadn't been able to walk much in the last week, and so was hoping the session would help this. Rachael is so warm and friendly and makes the experience fun. I felt very safe in her presence, and she gave me great suggestions. I'm pleased to say I managed to go to Glasgow, and the morning we went I felt the most energised I've felt in a long time! I'd gone from walking 100 steps a day, to over 15,000 in the 3 days we were away and have kept the walking up since. Very grateful to Rachael and to Belief Coding® (May 2022)

Hannah S

Where to begin...Rachael gave me a Belief Coding®️ facilitation recently. My discomfort was around weight loss and making healthier choices. She was amazing to work with, kind and funny. She made me feel fabulous. I can say that I'm more confident in all situations and the awesome thing is...I'VE LOST 17 POUNDS so far! I also got way outside my comfort zone and cut my hair super short and it's sooo cute! Thank you, Rachael, for helping me with this issue ❤️ (May 2022)